Why Is The Year 1971 Important For The UAE?

Why Is The Year 1971 Important For The UAE?

From its burgeoning economic sector to its increasingly diverse and growing society, the UAE has gone through enormous changes since its formation in 1971. The United Arab Emirates was founded in 1971. A small state with an outsized role in global economics emerged from the union of six small Gulf kingdoms, followed by a seventh. Through a series of treaties beginning in 1820, a number of kingdoms were protected by the British. British interests were protected by the British navy by protecting trade routes and their prized colony of India. Oil reserves in the region were discovered during this period of British protection. Due to the two World Wars and the Trucial States being major oil suppliers, the British Empire’s influence declined as these countries became major oil suppliers. British officials declared in 1968 that the protectorate would end, withdrawing the military and allowing locals to take care of themselves.

The small kingdoms of the region were dwarfed by their neighbors in terms of size, population, and military power. Bahrain and Qatar declared their independence unilaterally after negotiations proved difficult. On this day in 1972, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, and Umm al-Quwain became independent of the United Arab Emirates after the British treaty expired.

The Year 1971,

Dubai forms the United Arab Emirates on December 2 (with Ras Al Khaimah joining on February 10, 1972). The first President is named Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan. As Sheikh Zayed drove toward Dubai and destiny, dawn broke on the day of the UAE’s formation. During the evening of December 1, Sheikh Zayed’s party stayed at a camp in Al Sameeh, then in the open desert, according to Al Haj Al Mehairbi, Sheikh Zayed’s private secretary. In those days, before tarmac roads, all vehicles had special desert tires, including Sheikh Zayed’s white Mercedes 600. Ahmed Al Suwaidi was with him, as well as some of his closest advisers.

Sheikh Zayed liked to sleep in the desert, according to Al Mehairbi, who accompanied him in a government Land Rover. Preparation was one of his favorite activities. There was a leader in this picture. It was not uncommon for him to have something on his mind, and the ‘group of Zayed’ would surround him whenever he was at the fire.

Having a Democratic Approach,

He asked questions and listened to their answers. Respecting others’ opinions was one of his characteristics.” An Abu Dhabi TV team member, Mohammed Al Qudsi, was set up at 2 am in what would become Union House.

Our cameras were placed close to the flag raising, a few inside the sheiks’ room, and on the roof. Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid met at Zabeel Palace before driving together to the official federation ceremonies before 10 a.m. The rooftop footage was excellent.” According to some reports, Sheikh Zayed met Sheikh Rashid first before driving to the official federation ceremonies together. Al Qudsi reported that Sheikh Zayed arrived in an American car with Sheikh Rashid and officials of the city of Dubai. Men wore light jackets on a sunny, but cool day.

 December 2, 1971:

Sheikh Rashid’s majlis on Jumeirah Beach is where the Rulers gather. As King Ahmed is ill, the Crown Prince and future Ruler of Umm Al Quwain has been delegated responsibility. As King Ahmed is ill, the Crown Prince and future Ruler of Umm Al Quwain has been delegated responsibility. The observer is Sheikh Saqr, Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah. Assembling around a horseshoe-shaped table, the Rulers and their advisers meet in Union House, a round building beside the majlis. To formally establish the United Arab Emirates, they must first ratify the provisional constitution. Voice of the United Arab Emirates, which began broadcasting that morning, filmed and broadcast live the ceremony and proclamation read by Ahmed Al Suwaidi.

Several sources claim that the new station will be one of the most influential in the Gulf region, according to Al Ittihad. This program will primarily focus on United Arab Emirates issues, along with the nation’s accomplishments.”

A private session of the Supreme Council, which is composed of all six rulers, is held. A five-year term is elected for Sheikh Zayed as UAE President. A new vice president is elected and a new prime minister is appointed. It also authorizes the signing of a Treaty of Friendship with Britain. The first part of the meeting is accidentally broadcast live due to the radio microphone being left on unintentionally.

A Crowd of Delegates,

Guests and media members follow the leaders outside. Sheikh Zayed receives the flag and raises it for the first time with a 21-gun salute. “I stood facing Sheikh Zayed as the flag was raises,” Sheikh Faisal bin Sultan Al Qassimi recalls. At that moment, I felt like I was from the UAE, even though I was from Abu Dhabi. The flag at that point gave you unity no matter where you came from.” The first time the flag was attached to the staff, Al Mehairbi remembers the expression on Sheikh Zayed’s face. The look in his eyes told you there was something special about him. As he thinks about it, he says, “OK.”. He said later in the majlis that we are independent now. Our independence has been achieved. You know, like when you wake up from a dream. However, this was a real event.

“His attention was focused on the flag. There is a look of determination on his face. The protocol is not portraying in this way. There is nothing wrong with it. ‘This is done,’ his expression said. I’ve always dreamt of this. The flag is here.”

 (Abu Dhabi):

Officials at Al Manhal Palace receive news of the nation’s creation by radio, and a flag-raising ceremony is held with dignitaries and guests including famous Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum in attendance. According to Mohammed Al Fahim, who witnesses the ceremony, a red and white flag are replaces with a vibrant one. The raising of our flag was a privilege and I was lucky to witness it.” Sheikh Khalifa, the Crown Prince who had remained in Abu Dhabi as Crown Prince, remembered Umm Kulthum as gracious to all and smiling at everyone. Al Fahim said that she was sincerely happy to see the UAE formed because she was patriotic.

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