UAE Schools Record Outstanding Results in GCSE Exams

UAE Schools Record Outstanding Results in GCSE Exams

GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) are administered by UK-based education bodies to Year 11 students worldwide in British curriculum schools. Based on their GCSE results, students can pursue advanced level subjects or the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma after completing their GCSE exams.

The UAE’s GCSE Results Were Releasing Today,

And several students received perfect scores. For the first time since Covid-19, GCSE exams are being written. Teachers’ evaluations of their students have determined grades for the past two years. Jared Nolan, Director of UK Curriculum Schools at Taaleem Education UAE, stated that students performed well in the UAE. “We were extremely lucky to be able to smoothly transition from school to online learning.” Students’ education was not harmed as much as it did in other parts of the world.” Over 40% of exam entries to the Taaleem network received 9-8 (A*/A) and 61% received 9-7 (A*/A).

Students and educators across the country celebrated the outstanding performance of UAE year 11 students in the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) results released today. This year’s board exams in the United Kingdom were eliminated due to the pandemic. Teachers evaluated the students’ performance throughout the academic year depending on the grades they received from their teachers. According to school rankings, most schools reported 100% pass rates, with top scorers receiving a score of 9-8 in most subjects (equivalent to an A*).

Top Scorers:

Riti Dinesh of Dubai British School Jumeirah Park and Melisa Avci of GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail, who both attended Dubai British School Jumeirah Park, both received grade 9s in 11 subjects until tonight. In terms of students, Hartland International School’s Joe Hulme received 10 grade 9s, while Madeleine Cranitch from Brighton College Dubai received 9 grade 9s and A*s. In addition to keeping my interest in learning alive, The Winchester School – Jebel Ali assisted Vadim Rikunov in improving his grades.

My experience and skills have told to prepare me to continue my education in college. My experiences have given me a strong sense of independence, flexibility, and knowledge-seeking, and they have inspired me to look further than challenges and turn every challenge into a possibility.” George Moussa’s father transferred his son from an Egyptian school to GEMS Wellington International School two years ago. His outstanding results resulted from catching up in all subjects and outperforming his peers. His school and the staff assisted him in reaching his objectives, and I am very proud and pleased for him.”

First Cohorts:

Brighton College Dubai GCSE graduates are celebrating outstanding results, with 55 percent achieving grades 9-8 (A*). The school conveyed its gratitude for each of its students’ value-added, which averages +1.92, saying, “This means they were able to earn nearly two students from grade higher than what they anticipated from external, recognized worldwide tests at the time they joined the College.” Lora Atatreh, a young Emirati student, received an impressive value-added score of +2.4 across the nine subjects she studied for GCSE.

A new cohort of Year 11 students from Repton Abu Dhabi achieved outstanding results. While Repton Dubai celebrated outstanding performance for the 12th consecutive year.

According to the Repton Abu Dhabi school, a record number of students received grades 9-4 (A*-C) at the Fry Campus, with 44% earning the maximum grade 9/8 (A*) and 64% receiving grades 9-7 (A*-A). “This year’s outcomes are especially remarkable because two cohorts within the Repton community challenged themselves,” said David Cook, Headmaster of the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE.

Students and Teachers Deserve Praise:

Teachers and students who excelled in their exams were praised by school executives and educators. Fiona Cottam, principal of Hartland International School, stated. “Hand on heart, I’m self – assures that these results are genuinely deserves. And there was no question about grade inflation.” Students’ academic credentials are obvious, but they also illustrate their focus. And determination in the face of adversity, which are life skills. That will benefit them in the future.”

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