Zayed University, UAE

The Zayed University Admit New Cohort Of Students In The Fall

Zayed University is Known for its Educational Innovation.

This flagship institution, founded in 1998, has met the President’s high expectations and confidently bears the name of the Nation’s Founder, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Zayed University now has two prominent campuses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which acknowledge both domestic and international students.

Vision and Mission Statement of the Institute:

Through educational innovation, research, and student leadership development, the university serves the changing needs of the nation in economic, social, and cultural advancements. The Zayed University takes pride in bearing the name of the nation’s founding president and prepares bilingual graduates to create significant contributions to society. Their two main campuses, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are where we bring out our mission. Our undergrad and grad programs are diverse and internationally recognized, and we provide a positive and inclusive educational environment for our students.

Our graduates make a contribution to and focus on promoting the economic and social well-being of UAE society and professions as a result of our teaching and research. University research, scholarship, creative activities, outreach, and continuing education services broaden access to education and spread knowledge on a local, regional, and national scale.

Institutes’ New Cohort of Students:

Zayed University, the UAE’s flagship higher education institution. Will place to start in the fall of 2022 to pioneering interdisciplinary educational programs. As a national and regional leader in education innovation. The university continues to transfer its academic offerings in accordance with the UAE’s news agenda. Abu Dhabi University, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. Has initiated its environmental sustainability venture lab with the goals. Of improving Abu Dhabi’s sustainability-oriented entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as enhancing the innovation ecosystem.

These Three Programs Now have 74 Students Enrolled,

Including 66 master’s students and nine PhD students. The University’s Computer Vision programs has 41 students enrolled, and its Machine Learning programs has another 24. Nine students have enrolled for the first Natural Language Processing class at MBZUAI (NLP). The MBZUAI cohort of 2021 includes 29 nationalities, with 14 new nations represented for the first time. There are ten UAE nationals among some of the students. As well as students from the United States, India, Italy, China, Kazakhstan, and even the Vatican. The University’s reputation is growing as it expands into new nations. Such as the United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Mexico, Colombia, and others.

This year, the University received approximately 5,000 applications, demonstrating the competitive nature of the admissions policy. In its second academic year, MBZUAI has 23 female students continuing to pursue degrees. The major of 71 students in MBZUAI’s inaugural intake was Computer Vision as well as Machine Learning.

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