Logiscool UAE Expands Footprint With Second School Unit In Dubai

Logiscool UAE Expands Footprint With Second School Unit In Dubai

Logiscool: An Overview

A global leader in computer science education for children, Logiscool was founded in Hungary in 2013. Kids learn through hands-on experiences. That emphasize practical skills and real-world problem-solving, enabling them to become creators and innovators. The innovative curriculum created by Logiscool has been accredited by Education Alliance Finland, an organization dedicated to setting standards for education. A great deal of success has been achieved by Logiscool in teaching children around the world. As a global leader in coding and digital literacy education, Logiscool serves more than 170,000 students in 30 countries.

Logiscool kids are part of an international community that is growing every day. It is a safe and controlled environment where students can enhance their knowledge in a variety of ways even between classes.

It is Possible For Them:

  • Games, quizzes, and inspiration from peers around the world are shared and shared with others.
  • Engage them in exciting quizzes, quests, and high-score games to improve their knowledge.
  • Find out what’s hot and new in the ever-changing world of digital technology.
  • Our missions will give you the chance to win awesome prizes.
  • Our special closed-door game rooms are the perfect place to play with close friends.


Two big issues face the coding education industry today. When kids are younger, it usually begins with visual blocks that they find confusing but boring as they get older. It is also common to experience a feeling of intimidation when first encountering text-based coding.

  • All ages and levels of knowledge can benefit from our unique visual coding method.
  • We make it easy and fun to convert from visual coding to text-based coding with our platform.
  • Students’ knowledge and skills are constantly being improved in all of our lessons..
  • In between classes, they can engage in challenging edutainment challenges and special projects on My Logiscool.

Coding Camps and Courses for Kids and Teens that are Fun and Educational:

We provide kids and teens with coding and digital education through our fast growing global franchise network. Our educational platform and teaching method provide the most effective learning experience tailored to any age and level of knowledge, enabling children to become more skilled, confident, and prepared for a digital future.

The Business Model of Logiscool is as Follows:

  • Children and teens can learn coding in a fun way through a network of coding schools.
  • The curriculum is long-term and fun-based with nearly 1,000 digital lessons.
  • Provides scalable education for all ages through our proprietary platform.
  • Offering coding and robotics courses, coding camps, AI, Minecraft and Roblox design courses, video production courses and more, both in-school and online.
  • Online teaching with small groups in an office-like environment and well-equipped classrooms.
  • Kids and teens are inspired by our young, enthusiastic trainers.

The brand’s second sub-franchise unit has opened in Oasis Mall in Dubai, providing children aged 6 to 18 with educational technology and programming courses. With the Oasis mall location, Logiscool is expanding its global reach as its second location in the city. Logiscool’s new location at Oasis Mall will allow more children to learn valuable technology skills and expand its reach in the UAE. We are excited to announce the opening of our new location as we continue our commitment to provide our programs to as many young people as we can.

Students Of All Ages,

Can achieve their goals and reach their full potential with the help of the team. Arjan – Dubai is home to Logiscool’s first unit, which serves the surrounding communities and schools of Al Barsha South, Dubai Hills, Motor City, Arabian Ranches, Damac Hills, and Mudon. Providing innovative learning programs and engaging educational opportunities to children in these communities is an important part of the institution’s commitment to serving these families.

As Logiscool Launches its Second Franchise,

It aims to make sure kids have access to digital devices as they grow up. Despite their inability to read or write, they are adept at navigating through them. Instead of active creators, they are merely passive users. Instead of active creators, they are merely passive users. Children who learn coding and digital literacy early on will have much more to gain than a career in computer science. As kids learn to code, they develop analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a stronger sense of self-confidence, creativity, concentration, and concentration.

Logiscool UAE’s Managing Director and Co-founder,

Wesam Tarboush, said, “We’re excited to provide high quality education to students in the region.” The skills our students learn at Logiscool will enable them to create and accomplish amazing things.

To learn more about the endless possibilities of technology and programming, Logiscool UAE invites the community to their new locations in Arjan and Oasis Mall.

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