Is Dubai Expensive for getting Educations

Is Education Expensive In Dubai?

For International Students Looking to Study and Live in the UAE,

The fees are among the highest in the world. According to HSBC’s most recent research, studying in the UAE costs roughly half of the GDP per person, or nearly $28,000 (Dh102,760) per year, ranking it as the fourth most expensive country for international students. The UAE education costs are $21,371 and $6,004, respectively, when tried to compare to Canada, Singapore, Japan, Germany, and Singapore. Despite rising university tuition, the country has one of the lowest living costs among developed and developing markets.

Apart from China, Taiwan, and Germany, the country has one of the lowest living costs among emerging and developed markets, but its high university fees place it at the top of the table. The UAE has the third highest annual fees among major markets, such as the United Kingdom. Australia tops the list in terms of cost, with $38,516 and a year of study.

Budget for Household Expenses:

Education spending frequently dominates household budgets. Often these markets around the world see annual increases in school fees, and some currencies have depreciated against the dirham and dollar, making them even more expensive. Families in the South Asian country are unable to send their kids to UAE schools because the rupee has fallen in value against the US dollar, forcing them to dig deeper into their pockets. Education prices are typically subject to higher inflation rates not only in the UAE, but globally. According to Ashok Sardana, managing director of Continental Group, education is the second most expensive expenditure for expatriate families after housing.

Due to the high demand for education, school fees in the region are high. Residents from all over the world consider the UAE to be one of the best places to live. According to Rick Crossman, head of UAE general merchandise banking and wealth management at HSBC Bank Middle East, both foreign students or those from neighboring GCC and Middle Eastern markets are drawn to education in the UAE by its stable political and economic environment, including its satisfactory lifestyle.

Economies Emerging From Emerging Markets

The UAE is ranked fourth worldwide as an education destination for global students, according to a study conducted by Dubai International Academic City in collaboration with Deloitte. The three most appealing emerging market economies are China, Singapore, and Australia. “We anticipate that the UAE will continue to be a desirable education destination. In the foreseeable future as a result of increased investment. In academic institutions and the availability of foreign universities for students,” Rick concluded. Supplying a custom writing service that will help you enhance your grades.

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