Top 5 Courses in Strong Point Education and Training Institute Dubai


Strong point education and training institute Dubai is one of the top-notch educational institutes located in Dubai, UAE. It is a KHDA approved institute that offers multiple courses. And all the courses are premium quality and they offer 14 courses that are well-recognized in the industry.

The Institute aims to produce some of the best employees in different fields that could help in the economy of the country and that is why their certified trainers will help you a lot in your professional career. And their certificates are attested by the Ministry of Education, UAE.

Top 5 Courses Offered in Strong point:

Because of the demand, offering medical courses is a strong point and also offers many others to help the students grow. But some of their top courses are related to the medical field. So, I gathered the top 5 courses of strong point education.

1) Certified Nursing Assistant Training:

Strong Point offers certified nursing assistant training which is recognized globally. And the institute professionally trains the students because they know how important the role of the nursing assistant is. Nursing assistants have to gather all the information about the patient. And because the study is difficult and has many assignments in the course. So, students can take help from any assignment writing services providers around them.

The nursing assistant has to do several duties like they have to do the basic procedure in the clinics. And shifting patients from one place to another and helping other staff like nurses and giving them information is also included in their job duties.

2)  Medical Coding:

Medical fields have some kind of code that can only be understood by professionals. And these are to reduce any kind of fraud, scams, etc. The strong point is offering the most prominent medical coding course. And the best thing is that you can get the certificate that is approved by the KHDA in just 6 months. So, you can use this certificate to get a job as a professional medical coder. And this certificate is seen as the proving of high-skills and knowledge of the field.

To get the certificate you have to pass a CPC (Certified Professional Coder) and then you will be known as the medical coder. And a professional coder translates the documents to make sure that the reports are clear of any kind of violations and penalties. And if you have the certificate of CPC then you can easily earn up to $50 to $60k. The demand for medical coders is increasing day by day. And due to new technologies and tools. It is more important for the medical sector to hire medical coders.

3) Caregiver Professional:

Another in-demand course that has a lot of opportunities in countries like the USA, Canada, UAE, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. And that is why Strong Point offers certification in this course. And the KHDA approves all their courses and institutions. The institute gives the proper knowledge with practical skills to tackle any kind of situation. They teach all the essential things in the course like from the overview of the basic responsibilities and the communication styles with different types of people.

Communicating with different kinds of disabled people is a tough task. And taking care of them might be hard without proper training and knowledge. And that is why they include many significant things in their course outline. Like how to manage time, or how to manage stress handling the patient safely is also a part of their course outline. And also taking care of hygiene like bathing and hand washing of the toddlers. Medical emergencies, noticing the signs of blood pressure. And to handle any kind of injuries at the workplace or at the home of the patient.

4) Certified Professional Medical Auditor or (CPMA):

The strong point offers a supreme level of medical auditor certification.  And the auditor has to assess the code and the documents and use your knowledge and skill to suggest and enhance the business model of the workplace. Regular non-compliance checking is great for medical practices. And it is the responsibility of the CPMA to get rid of the medical practitioners who are at risk of non-compliance. And that is why Strong Point offers the cost with essential knowledge as well as the perfect practice and hands-on experience required for the success of the students.

They have to audit the documents like medical writing. And helps the responsible and the medical sector to identify any type of coding issues, penalty possibilities, and Violations, based on the guidelines that the government provides.

If you are concerned about the salary of a CPMA then let me tell you that an average is around $70k annually.

  5) Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ):

The maintenance of quality is one of the most important things in the healthcare sector. Everything should be according to the quality. A strong point offers quality education on this topic. And the institute assesses the quality and the level of skills of the students. Everyone can enroll in the course like from a lab technician to a doctor. And anyone who wants to manage things in the right way and according to the standards.


If you live in Dubai and you want to go forward in the medical field. Then a strong point is the right choice for you. Because they offer some very amazing courses that will help the student to earn a very good amount of money. And the standard of education is supreme. And the certification and the institute both are according to the standards of the KHDA because it is a regulating body that manages all the things related to studies. So, some of the best courses at the strong point institute are 1) Nursing assistant course 2) Medical coding 3) Caregiver professional 4) Medical auditor or CPMA, and 5) CPHQ.

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